Converting foriegn Licence in Germany: Step by Step Procedure

  1. Register yourself at a nearby Driving School (Anmeldung)
  2. Residence Registration in Germany (Wohnungsanmeldung)
  3. Biometric passport photo
  4. Eye test results (“Sehtest”) issued by an optician or ophthalmologist/ADAC
  5. Confirmation of participation in a first aid course. for eg. ADAC, ASB or Johannitern.
  6. Original driving licence issued in your country of origin (not international license).
  7. Translate your foriegn license into German with the help of a certified translator or ADAC.
  8. The application for a German driver’s license must always be submitted to the road traffic office at the place of your residence (driver’s license authority/Fahrerlaubnisbehörde/Führerscheinstelle) with your ID or passport. Get an appointment and submit the above documents
  9. Now, you have to wait until TÜV sends you a letter with approval for your conversion. Along with, you will be requested to bank transfer the fee for Theory and practical class. Sometimes, at some places, this step is done by your driving school and it is better to enquire in advance
  10. Book your theory exam appointment with TÜV here
  11. Once you clear the theory exam, you can get back to the driving school to start your practical classes. once you are confident with driving, driving school will arrange you a practical driving test appointment with TÜV

All the best!!

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2 thoughts on “Converting foriegn Licence in Germany: Step by Step Procedure

  1. Hello,
    What about the time I have been in Germany without completing this process. I came in 2016, is it the same procedure to convert my foreign driving licence to a German one?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Hi,
      It’s the Same procedure to convert your foreign driver license. All the very best.


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