Extension of Spouse Visa- When spouse is in Germany

We know it was a roller coaster ride right from getting the appointment (termin) at your home country until your spouse is finally here in Germany!!

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Upon arrival in Germany, He/She will have to apply for a regular residence permit (dependent visa) within the first three months of their stay. Firstly, they should register themselves at the nearest Einwohnermeldeamt (Rathaus) and get the Meldebestätigung for their stay in Germany. Then it’s time to apply for the visa extension.

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  1. Appointment– Contact your nearest Ausländerbehörde and request for an Appointment (termin) for your spouse’s visa extension.
  2. Insurance coverage Letter– If you have already obtained the same during spouses visa Application, then you can use the same. or else, Call your Insurance provider ( for eg. Techniker Krankerkasse or AOK) to notify your spouse’s arrival and further request to include in your Family insurance. Soon you will receive a letter and an application form which is duly to be filled and further sent to your Insurance provider per post. You can also visit your Insurance providers nearest office and do it manually. You will be asked to provide the spouses meldebestätigung for the Apartment, Marriage certificate, biometric photo and passport. Now, you will receive the confirmation letter from the insurance provider via post in 2-3 days and then soon the Insurance card.
  3. Contact your employer to get a Bonafede certificate about your current Job position (Meldebescheinigung der Arbeitgeber).
  4. Copy of your current Job Contract.
  5. Copy of last 3-6 months salary receipt.
  6. Room Contract to prove that you have enough space to accommodate your spouse. If you have a sublet contract (Untermietvertrag), then you need to furnish your sublet contract plus a copy of the original contract of the actual tenant (from Hauptmieter – who sublets you the Apartment). In addition, probably a written confirmation about the sublet contract from the actual Landlord of the apartment (Vermieter).
  7. Spouses Passport.
  8. Spouses Biometric photo.
  9. Fee Amount– it can be around 100 €
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Once the Application is duly accepted, it will take up to 6 weeks to receive the letter of confirmation from the Ausländerbehörde. Then you can visit your Ausländerbehörde to collect the visa. Usually, spouse visa is issued for a period of 1-4 years; again, the discretion is completely dependent on the Ausländerbehörde. Further, they may or may not ask to do an Integration course.

In case, if your initial three months visa is about to expire, you can also request for a temporary visa (Fiktionsbescheinigung) from Ausländerbehörde during your appointment.

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Eazyleben tips

  • Visit your Insurance providers nearest office to complete the Family insurance application. This can be more convenient and stress free rather than applying via post or online.
  • You can combine your sublet contract and Landlords confirmation into a single contract. Make sure there is Landlords signature in the contract apart from the actual tenant.
  • Explain clearly your Spouses educational qualification with Ausländerbehörde as it can be decisive for the integration course approval.
  • Make sure the spouses existing visa is valid for more than 6 weeks from the date of application for visa extension. If not, communicate with the Ausländerbehörde for a limited visa extension (Fiktionsbescheinigung).
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