Waiting for Tax assessment statement

You have filed your tax return with the tax office. Now it’s time to wait. You must wait for the tax assessment – and this usually takes between one to two months. The tax officer has no deadline. He does not have to check your tax return within a fixed deadline. It usually takes five to eight weeks from the submission of the tax return to the tax assessment.

A tax assessment notice informs the taxpayer whether he/she should make an additional payment or how much he/she will receive as a tax refund. The tax officials process the tax returns as soon as they receive it. In other words, whoever submits first gets processed first.

How does it works?

At the beginning of the year, the latest tax law changes must first be integrated into the tax authorities’ software. In addition, the tax officials wait for missing tax data from third parties such as employers or insurance companies. These always have until 28 February to transmit all the necessary data. As a result, in many cases the tax offices cannot start checking tax returns until March.

Usually you can only expect your tax assessment after March. As explained above, tax officials have to wait for information. for example from your employer. The process does not start until the beginning of March, after all the data has been received. This naturally also delays any tax refunds.

When can I contact the tax office?

After three months, if you haven’t still received the tax assessment statement, you can contact the corresponding local tax office. If you haven’t heard from them for six months, you can request to have your tax return processed.

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Eazyleben Tips

  1. Submit your tax return early – first come, first served.
  2. Submit your tax return electronically via ELSTER. The tax authorities prefer an electronic tax return to a paper one.
  3. Always have your supporting documents such as receipts and records handy. This allows you to react quickly if the tax office requests you to provide certain proofs.
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