Apartment Application: Documents You’ll Need

Once you manage to get an appointment for the apartment viewing (Besichtigungstermin), you also have an opportunity to meet the Landlord or existing tenant. In Germany it works in two ways:

  1. You get to meet the existing tenant and they decide/forward the preferred candidate from all the viewers to the Landlord , or
  2. You meet the Landlord/Real estate firm directly

In both cases don’t be embarrassed if you are asked to provide certain documents which are very German!! Lets have a look.

Selbstauskunft – Its the most important and commonly asked document, which is a self-declaration form that includes your personal details, Job position and Salary, other relevant questions concerning your personal history, habits etc.

Personalausweis – You will be asked to provide a copy of your ID card which can be EU Blaue Karte (Blue card) or visa copy on your passport.

Einkommensnachweis/ Gehaltsnachweis (Income certificate) – For employed, you can provide copy of your last 3 months salary receipt. For students, a guarantee is required from a person with a fixed income (who then provides proof of income).

Schufaauskunft – SCHUFA allows landlord to check the database to see if you are economically active and trustworthy before offering you an Apartment. After a successful check on Schufa, landlord can opt to offer you the Apartment.

How to get a SCHUFA report ?
  1. There is a form available in English which you can download it manually and then send it to SCHUFA authority.
  2. You can also order it directly from the SCHUFA website .
  3. Your other best option is to order from any Immobilien sites like Immobilienscout24, Immonet etc.
  4. or else get it done within minutes at your local bank counter.

Currently, All the above SCHUFA options cost you 29,30 €.

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Eazyleben tips:

  1. It’s better to go prepared with the above said documents for your Appointment so that you will have a better chance than your fellow applicants.
  2. SCHUFA users are entitled to a free print out of their details once a year. However, this paper-only document is only meant for your reference so you can see your exact score out of 100 and may not be accepted by landlords. For better or worse, the certified report that you must purchase is the safest bet to include in your flat application (Wohnungsbewerbung).

We wish you all the best!!

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