Certificate (Bescheinigung) of the residence permit for a longer stay abroad for dependents

It is always better to communicate with the Local foreigners office about your dependents longer stays abroad so as to maintain the dependent visa. You can always request your Ausländerbehörde for a Bescheinigung (Certificate) according to clause 51 of German AufenthG. It is an attestation which certifies that your residence title is still valid during your absence abroad.

How does it Works

Purpose – Dependent Spouse would like to stay abroad for a longer period as allowed-

  • 6 months for dependents of Permanent residence visa holder, and
  • 12 months for dependents of Blue card holder.

Technically, you can stay up to the allowed period abroad without any problem as long as visa is valid. But, on a safer side one can also contact the local Ausländerbehörde for a Bescheinigung über des Fortbestehen des Aufenthaltstitels in according to clause 51 of German AufenthG.


It costs usually around 10-18 €.

Eazyleben Tips

  1. Make sure the dependent has valid visa at least until return travel date to Germany.
  2. It is always a good practice to contact the foreign office in advance for an appointment.
  3. As far as dependent visa is concerned, it is usually issued for a short term period of 1-2 years. So, better to plan the trip immediately after the visa extension. Also, you can request for the Bescheinigung parallel to visa extension appointment.
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