Travelling with Fiktionsbescheinigung

If you applies for an extension of current residence title (visa) or for a different residence title before your current residence title expires, the current residence title shall be deemed to remain in force from the time it expires until the time of the decision by the foreigner’s authority (Ausländerbehörde). Meanwhile to serve the period between the expiry of existing visa and issue of new visa, you can request for a Fiktionsbescheinigung . It is a temporary certificate which is issued if a decision on an application for a residence title is not decided upon (pending).

Under following circumstances, you can request for a Fiktionsbescheinigung during the application for the issue or renewal of a residence permit –

  • your documents are missing or the file is not available with the Authority.
  • ordered residence permit cannot be issued before expiry of the your previous residence permit, or
  • the outcome of criminal proceedings against you must be awaited.
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A Fiktionsbescheinigung can only be issued if the visa is still legal at the time of the application for the issue or renewal of a residence permit. i.e. if an application is made for the issue or extension of a residence permit and no decision can be taken on the application at the time of the appointment. An application for a residence title must therefore be submitted in order for a Fiktionsbescheinigung to be issued. Only someone who is entitled to a residence permit in Germany due to His/her nationality (Passport) or someone who has a valid residence title (residence permit or national visa – category D) can apply for a Fiktionsbescheinigung. With a Fiktionsbescheinigung , you have the following rights-

  • The residence title, including all associated rights (including employment), remains valid until a decision has been made on your application.
  • Travel abroad and re-entry into the Germany are also possible.

Usually national visa is issued only for 3 months, when someone applies from his/her home country. Once you are in Germany, you can also request for a Fiktionsbescheinigung during your application for visa extension at Ausländerbehörde, if current visa expires shortly after your appointment at Ausländerbehörde.

If the applicant is lawfully staying in Germany without a visa because his or her nationality (Passport) entitles him or her to do so, then the Fiktionsbescheinigung does not entitle the holder to re-enter the Federal territory. Nor is it permitted to take up gainful employment.

Required documents
  • Valid passport.
  • Previous residence permit (for e.g. Blue card visa, Family reunion visa etc.).
  • Proof of residence in Germany – Meldebestätigung (Apartment Registration document), Apartment contract, Wohnungsgeberbestätigung etc.

Eazyleben Tips

  1. If you are a foreigner with valid National visa (or Type D) for e.g. Blue card or Family reunion visa, then you can request for a Fiktionsbescheinigung, if the decision on your visa extension application in Germany needs more time.
  2. Holders of a Schengen visa for short-term stays (category C) cannot be issued a Fiktionsbescheinigung.
  3. Holders of Transit visa cannot be issued a Fiktionsbescheinigung.
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13 thoughts on “Travelling with Fiktionsbescheinigung

  1. Hi,

    I have requested for my Blue card renewal on March 2020 and the Ausslaenderbehorde had issued me a fiktionsbescheinigung valid until November 2020. I am planning to travel to my home country(India) in the begining of May and ´planning to return back in end of June. #
    My question is, due to any travel restrictions due to the current Covid-19 pandemic if there are any international border closure declaredin Germany and if my return to Germany is extended further, will it cause any trouble for me. As per what I learned I can stay with fiktionsbescheinigung upto 90 days outside Germany. Please someone share their expereince or any information related to fiktionsbescheinigung and staying abroad.

    1. Dear Vaishakh, Have you been able to travel with the Fiktionsbescheinigung? I’m in the same situation, Please let me know if its possible to come back with that document.

      Thanks in advance

      1. Dear Soaki,
        You can travel with a fiktionsbescheingiung if it is still valid till your return date. However, on a safer side you can also a request for a letter from the foriegn office.


        1. Hi..I am a student currently on Fiktionsbescheinigung..Can I travel to India and come back?

          1. Hallo,

            As long as you have a valid fiktionsbescheinigung with validity more than your return date, you are allowed to travel and back.


  2. Hi,
    I had an appointment with KVR on 7 sep 2021 i was told my blue card will come to mailbox in 6 – 8 weeks. My temp visa is valid till 01 Jan 2021.I want to travel to India in the last week of October, and incase my blue card doesn’t arrive till then i am worried that i might get stuck in india if there are any new travel restrictions.They did not issue any fiktionsbescheingiung to me.My question is 1) should i request for a fiktionsbescheingiung before leaving? 2)Can i request for fiktionsbescheingiung from india incase i get stuck there and my visa is about to expire?

    1. Hallo Dan,

      1) on a safer side, it is better to request for a fiktionsbescheingiung if you are not returning befor 01 Jan 2022.
      2) No. you can’t as it is provided here in Germany by the foriegn office and you should personally apply it here.


  3. Is leaving Germany with a fiktionsbescheinigung (valid until May 2022) to return home considered overstaying my visa?

    Backstory: I wanted to move to Germany and apply for a job seekers visa, but my job field has recently become almost impossible to pursue with Covid, so I am considering going back home. My 90 day tourist visa ends in January, but I want to stay until my language course is over in February. I have a fiktionsbescheinigung valid until May. I’m not interested in entering the country again within 180 days (typical tourist requirements,) but I don’t want to be banned from the country either.
    Thank you so much

  4. Hello
    I have a valid Fiktionsbesceinigung and I want to travel to france , am I allowed to do so or not?
    I would really appreciate an answer.

    1. Hallo,
      Technically yes. At most, difficulties could arise on the very practical level: not every border official, Policeman, etc. is so familiar with the German right of residence here.

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