How to request an extension for Tax declaration with finanzamt

If you are obliged to file the tax declaration, you should complete the tax declaration for last year until July this year. From 2019, it is very difficult to apply for an extension (Fristverlängerung) of the deadline. However, you can request the same under the circumstances that you failed to file the tax due to no fault of yourself. As such, you can send a written request to tax office and if they agree, you should file the tax before the new deadline.

Eazyleben tips

  1. On an average, you may request an extension for a period of up to two months (until September 31st, considering deadline as July 31st). Again, the discretion is completely up to Finanzamt. Most of the time an extension of at least 1-4 weeks is guaranteed.
  2. You can request an extension only on genuine grounds for eg. due to Work related limitations, Health conditions, Missing documents etc.
  3. Other personals reasons like lack of awareness of Deadline, No spare time etc. won’t be accepted by Finanzamt.
  4. If you miss the deadline of July 31st this year, a tax consultant or Lohnsteurhilfeverein can still file your tax until next year February without any late fine.
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