Tax calculator including Company car benefits

In Germany, when you get a benefit from your firm, it is considered as taxable as otherwise you could have bought it from your regular income. Its bit complicated and we have explained the same in another article.

Let’s see how you can calculate yourself with an online tax calculator tool. Open brutto-netto-rechner tool in your browser.

  1. Bruttoeinkommen – Enter Yearly/Monthly Taxable income.
  2. Abrechnungszeitraum – Select Calculation period as entered above – Jahr (Yearly) or Monat (Monthly).
  3. If you receive a financial benefit from your company for eg. a Car, fill out this section. else you can just skip to No (4).
    • Geldwerter Vorteil (monatlicher Wert): Financial benefit (monthly value)- It calculate the additional taxable amount on your salary if you receive vehicle as a benefit from your firm. click on zum Firmenwagenrechner button to include it in your salary as follows-
    • Fahrzeug-Listenpreis – Enter the price of Auto including tax.
    • Elektroauto oder Plug-in-Hybrid – Select Ja for Electric Auto as there is some tax redemption.
    • Entfernungskilometer Wohnung – Arbeitsstätte – Enter distance between office and Home.
    • Eigenbeteiligung am Firmenwagen – Any personal contribution to the vehicle cost. if yes, select Ja and enter your contribution amount per month (Eigenanteilpro Monat).
    • Steuer-Beteiligung durch Arbeitgeber – Any Tax free days contribution by employer.If yes, select Ja and Enter the number of tax free days per month.
    • Click berechnen button to finish the calculation.
    • Click übernehmen button to include the above calculated values in your taxable income.
  4. Abrechnungsjahr – Calculation year.
  5. Jährl. Steuerfreibetrag – Tax redemption if any. You can claim the same while filing the tax during the end of the year.
  6. Steuerklasse – Tax class.
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  1. In der Kirche – Church tax. if applicable, select Ja.
  2. Bundesland – Select state of Residence in Germany.
  3. Alter – Age.
  4. Kinderfreibetrag – Child allowance. Both parents are entitled to half the tax-free child allowance (no. of children*0.5 each).Child allowances can also be transferred to one parent (no. of children*1).
  5. Krankenversicherung – Health Insurance. by default (gesetzlich), 0.9%. if you have a private Health Insurance (Privat), enter the monthly contribution as Monatlicher Beitrag zur PKV.
  6. Rentenversicherung – Pension Insurance.
  7. Arbeitslosenversicherung – Unemployment Insurance.

Click berechnen button to print your net income as both Monthly (Monat) and Yearly (Jahr).

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