How to Apply for Free SCHUFA online

One can apply for a free SCHUFA once a year. Here are the steps.

  1. Click the following link to SCHUFA website.
  2. Select the free copy (Datenkopie nach Art. 15 DS-GVO) with Jetzt bestellen button.
  3. Next form will ask you to fill the personal details as shown below.
Fill Personal details here
  1. If you have recently shifted to a new Apartment, please enter the details of your last Apartment (Frühere Adressen) as shown below. Follow the same convention to fill the address as shown above.
Fill Last address here if you have recently moved to the Apartment
  1. If you have more than two Address (Zweiter Wohnsitz) at the same time, fill it in the box as shown below.
Fill Second address here, if any
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  1. Upload your ID documents – Personalausweises (Personal German Identity card) , Reisepasses (Passport) and Meldebescheinigung (Apartment Registration).
Upload Documents here
  1. Now complete the submission with CAPTCHA (Sicherheitscode) and then click the button Weiter as shown below.
Press weiter button to complete the submission

If all the documents provided are correct, you can expect the SCHUFA authority to send the report via post to your registered address in 1-3 weeks.

We wish you all the best with SCHUFA report.

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